LASEK: Laser Epithelial Keratomileusus; It represents the process of tearing off the corneal epithelium by flap formation, followed by giving shape to the cornea.

Lasek; It is a method between Lasik and Prk.

Flap formation is performed in Lasek method.

The flap of lasek is performed manually by applying alcohol on the corneal surface epithelium.

Cornea is reshaped by excimer laser, and flap is spread in its place following laser treatment. Then, contact lens is placed on it and allowed for recovery period.

Lasek method may result in a mild pain during the first day, watering for 2-3 days, and stinging complaints.

In the lasek method, the placed contact lens is removed on day 4 or 5 based on the recovery period of the corneal epithelium.

Visual acuity may be achieved in 1 week in the lasek method.Vision becomes clearer after the 3rd month during which it is possible for the patients to go on their daily lives.


Although Lasek method seems to have negative aspects such as being painful and requiring longer time to recover, it is a safe method.

It is an alternative excimer laser method for patients with thin cornea who cannot undergo femtolasik AND for patients with thin cornea who has high power of eyeglasses.