Why Choose Dr. Abay ?


Talya Medical Center is only one location in Antalya caring refractive eye services to patients desiring to free themselves from glasses and contact lenses.Whether you require lasik for myopia, astigmatism, or hyperopia, cataract surgery, or refractive lens exchange Dr. Mehtap Abay and her dedicated staff can help to restore your vision in a caring and positive environment.

Dr. Mehtap Abay is Turkey renowned as an expert in refractive surgical procedures .At Talya Medical Centers we offer the highest quality of surgery, technology, and service in the field of vision correction. You will experience excellent care whether you are seeking laser vision or cataract correction. Here are some of the reasons to choose Dr. Mehtap Abay

Personalized Care by Dr. Mehtap Abay

All Postoperative Care is Provided by Dr. Abay and her staff

All of your postoperative care directly , we use our years of experience to benefit you directly. This insures that you receive the finest post operative attention. And the good part is that you save substantially on the cost of your procedure. Most hospitals' , medical centers' owners are investor, not a doctor .Doctors work in hospital as a employee ,and they performs a lot of procedures to both local and foreigner patients .If a doctor cannot agree with owner of hospital for something , they may leave the job and all patients are in a fix .This is very important in the sense of patients . For instance ; A patient,who had lasik surgery, comes and asks his/her doctor for a routine control or because of a problem from eyes .If doctor leave the job , patient may prejudice to the hospital and it causes loss of reputation .In Talya Medical Center , part owner hospital is Dr. Mehtap Abay . Whenever you come , you will find your doctor here .

Proven Quality Assurance to Provide the Finest Technology and Equipment