Nutrition is an important part of our lives before birth. As part of everyday life, food & drink are characterized by many social and psychological factors. The diet provides the body with many essential substances needed to maintain good health and well-being. Balanced nutrition - cornerstones for a healthy life.

A healthy diet is not just about preventing nutrition-related diseases. It ensures efficiency and long-lasting health.

A healthy, full-fledged diet is when food and drinks are carefully and consciously selected, gently prepared and consumed as little as possible.

With regard to nutrition, particular attention should be paid to the variety of foods. Foods, when combined in a versatile way, contain all the essential nutrients.

The wholesome diet ideally seeks to combine long-standing experience with new scientific findings.

Everyone wishes to stay healthy and fit for as long as possible. With a healthy lifestyle you can do a lot for yourself. The most important factors are nutrition, exercise, relaxation and sleep, abstinence from indulgence and a positive attitude towards life. A conscious lifestyle increases your chances of staying fit into old age.

The following tips will help make your diet healthier and thus have a major impact on your physical health and performance.

There are no prohibitions or prohibitions, but recommendations to prefer certain products and avoid others.

-It should include 4-5 meals. 3 main meals and 2 snacks

-consists for the most part of plant foods such as bread, cereals, potatoes, legumes, vegetables and fruits.

-It should take into account the individual energy needs.

-It should contain all essential nutrients in sufficient quantity and cover the nutrient need.

-It can be practiced with meat or as a vegetarian diet.

-Only high quality foods should be used, if possible in fresh or frozen form.

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