Dear, Talya Lasik Team,

This departement works quickly and very kindly. I am now so HAPPY. today is the 10. day after my eye laser surgery. I hope I will never see my glasses again.. thanks again to all of the team. they were so kind for everyone and me.


Hallo Talya Team,

Thanks, thanks thanks.. I can only recommend this center.. Susan from Cambridge.



Dr. Mehtap Abay, is a proffesional at the eye laser. I've never seen like this center. So perfect.. High technology and smiley people works there.

Hope to see you soon.


My bleaching was done at talya medical center. Dentist is a small and a young lady but her hands are so skilled. Iam shinig.. Thanks you with my love

Also my fillings; she did it so quickly. Only to be advised..

Mary Sharps



As I asked for a dentist in Antalya,I saw at the last your clinic. Now I am so happy for own desicion. My implants are now in my jaw. At the beginning I was so affraid of the operation. We are planing now in September our next visit. (Crowns) To eat with my own teeth,, I am so excited.

Lovely greetings


Hi; I have forgotten my glasses..... succesfull eye laser, happy patients... Perfect. .... Hassan Tammasa