Ozone Therapy


Ozone therapy is a method of alternative medicine, in which the gaseous ozone in the form of a self-blood therapy or externally applied. Ozone is an unstable molecule that consists of three oxygen atoms and within a short time decays to pure oxygen (two atoms). The gas was discovered in 1839 by the physicist Christian Friedrich Schönbein and for the first time ozone was used 30 years later by a German physician Constantin Lender as a remedy. Today, ozone is mainly used in alternative medicine as a mixed form with oxygen and is used as an injection, irrigation, or as an external application.

It regulates the immune system, it reduces stress, it kills viruses, bacteria and fungus, it stimulates the blood circulation, it improves the general condition, it improves the oxygen supply in the whole body, it has anti-inflammatory, it promotes the cell regeneration of the liver.

Medical ozone therapy strengthens the natural healing powers of the body. In a treatment with medical ozone therapy, not only the symptoms but also the disorders that have not yet been discovered, are positively influenced. The red blood cells are immediately supplied with oxygen during therapy. By improving the oxygen content, the energy production increases by the oxygen activates the cells required for it. Since with increasing age the oxygen content in the blood and thus also in the tissue decreases, the immune system deteriorates. Oxygen deficiency in the blood is the cause of many physical complaints. Due to the improved energy supply, the effect of oxygen on all organs is positive.

There are various internal and external ways to perform ozone therapy. The most common are: small and large self-blood therapy, bag gassing, intestinal fumigation and ozonated olive oil / water.

-In the great self-blood therapy 50ml venous blood are taken from the patient. In a 250ml vacuum bottle, the blood is rendered unreachable with sodium citrate. A medical oxygen-ozone mixture is added. It immediately reacts with the blood. When the blood is returned to the patient, only the reaction products enter the circulation. It is a low-risk form of therapy, which has proven itself for decades in the field of experience.

- A small amount of intravenous blood is taken from the patient in the small self-blood therapy, mixed with oxygen-ozone gas and then injected into the muscle. The therapy is used in allergies and sports medicine.

- An oxygen-ozone gas injection is used in inflammatory and degenerative joint diseases, rheumatic diseases, sports injuries and after surgery.

- Rectal oxygen-ozone insufflation is an old form of oxygen-ozone applications. The medical gas mixture is filled into a bag and released into the intestine with light pressure.

- When fumigating the bag skin lesions or infected wounds are fumigated in a dense ozone-resistant plastic bag.

-Ozonized olive oil or water can be used both internally and externally. Ozonated water is only stable for a short time (1-2 days in the fridge), ozonated olive oil retains its disinfecting effect much longer.

Susceptibility to infection, acute and chronic viral diseases Hepatitis A, B, C; Herpes simples, herpes zoster etc., hypertension, venous diseases, cancer treatment, Umstimmungstherapie, rheumatic diseases, autoimmune diseases: ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, MS, etc., migraine, liver disease, circulatory disorders (cerebral and peripheral), arterial occlusive diseases, coronary heart disease, Raynaud's disease , Tinnitus, etc., metabolic diseases such as: diabetes mellitus especially in the area of ​​secondary diseases, lipid metabolism disorders, gout and for regeneration and prevention etc ..

With regard to ozone therapy, the following contraindications exist

Acute myocardial infarction, internal bleeding, severe clotting disorders, untreated hyperthyroidism, ozone allergy, pregnancy, vitamin C therapy, favizm

In ozone therapy is working with a stimulus gas. A clean and correct way of working is therefore indispensable. Since most applications work with blood, sterile disposables should always be used. Thus, infections with transmissible viruses can be prevented.
In everything that has an effect, there is also a possible side effect. Of course, this is also the case with ozone therapy. However, an experienced therapist can minimize the risk to those through a thorough history, examination, and proper functioning.

The most common side effects are: dizziness, nausea, cough and headache.