Op. Dr. Mehtap Abay explains:

Hello, I'm Mehtap Üçkardeş Abay, an ophthalmologist. As you know, I am also a doctor who applies ozone therapies.

One of the most frequent questions to me is: "I am healthy, should I still receive ozone therapies?" Yes of course! I have no known chronic illness, but I still use annual ozone cures for myself, my husband and daughter.

The thing is, from birth on we breathe oxygen and the oxygen is the reason that we oxidize. Think of a rusting piece of iron; the iron only rusts because it gets in contact with oxygen. For our cells it is the same process. But of course we need oxygen for our metabolism, for our movement, for any activity to release energy.

But the consumption of oxygen releases by-products; so to say: oxidation products and these products need to be suppressed. Ozone therapies are used for this, the antioxidant capacity gets increased.

I get also asked the following: "Isn't the oxygen of the ozone-3 atom harmful to the body?" No, because when the ozone gets into contact with the blood, with a biological fluid, the oxygen which the ozone contains loses its harmfulness and turns into another matter, which blocks the harmful by-products of the oxidation process of oxygen from head to toe and for this reason we recommend this form of therapy even for totally healthy people.

Think of it in that way: in autumn the leaves fall from the tree; these leaves are dry and crumble when you step on them. The leaves died, the cell death has occurred.

Every day; from the moment we were born; we lost cells because we oxidize. In particular starting with ages around 25 - 30, the human body loses 1.5 to 2 million cells every day. And that's the reason why we try to reduce the number of cells that we lose or going lose with ozone therapy.

We achieve this by increasing the antioxidant capacity of the cells. In other words, ozone therapy is a medical treatment designed to support the cell's antioxidant capacity.

For this reason, I definitely recommend it in the form of annual cures for people with chronic illnesses as well as for healthy people; because I also want to prevent an outbreak of chronic illnesses; for those who do sports, those who work in a stressful environment; actually we are all under stress; since life itself means stress; it's about dealing with stress, increasing the antioxidant capacity of cells, and I recommend ozone therapy / ozone treatments as it is a very easy accessible treatment to support healthy people.