Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Third Molars and Impacted Teeth

It is widely seen that the third molars or other impact teeth exist and cannot persist due to the narrowness of the jaw. In that case, the most frequently asked question is whether these teeth are to be extracted even if the person in question does not have any problem. These teeth are advised to be extracted without waiting for them to cause problems for different reasons.

  • There might be lack of space for the persistance of the teeth due to the narrowness of the jaw and the teeth might cause inflammation by erupting in improper positions. This would lead the inflammation to spread to the whole mouth, nose and respiratory passage.
  • It might lead to cyst and that cyst might spread to the whole jawbone, causing the neighboring teeth to decay and be extracted.
  • Due to its proximity to the sinuses in the maxilla, it might cause inflammation in the sinuses and thus create a risk of focal infection in the body.
  • It might prevent a treatment to be given by the dentist (dentures, bonding etc.) and prevent the success of the orthodontic treatment.

For this reason, the extraction of the impacted teeth, half-impacted third molars and other teeth is advised even if the patient has no complaint about them.