Dental Implant

Implants are artificial teeth produced with very special techniques from titanium to replace the artificial teeth extracted. High technology is used for dental implants.

Dental implantology is a new field of dentistry. It focuses on the replacement of the lacking teeth and the supportive tissues.

Many people noticed in time that the dentures are a weak imitation of the teeth and even very simple functions such as chewing and speaking may cause pain and discomfort due to the dentures. This led to the initiation of studies in dentistry to develop systems which might replace the teeth and carry out the functions of the lacking teeth in the best possible way.

What are the stages?

During the Implant stage, implants are placed to the patient by using local anesthesia used during normal extraction and under aseptic conditions. After Implant, routine surgical procedures apply. The time needed for the union of the Implant with the bone is 1, 5-3 months and this time might change depending on the situation. Following the time of union of the Implant, procedures of a normal denture continue and the patient finally receives his/her new teeth.

How are the implants placed?

When appropriate anesthesia methods are used during Implant, the answer is no. You would not even feel the existence of the implants in cases in which the treatment is accomplished without any problem.

What are the advantages of the implant?

Implant has a more aesthetic and natural appreance.

In Implant, the teeth remain stable. Total (palate), partial or fixed dentures applied on the Implant do not get loose at all.

Implant provides maximum attachment.The bones in the places in which the teeth were extracted there occurs loss of substance and the teeth become weakened in time. The profile of the face changes accordingly. Loss of these bones is prevented through the placement of the Implants.

Since the chewing function is corrected with Implant, healthy and balanced nourishment is ensured.

Digestive problems caused by the inability to chew enough are solved in this way.

Since the Implant gives a natural and aesthetic apperance, the patient gains self-confidence.