Dentures include all the artificial materials prepared to give the chewing and speaking functions back to the patients who lost their teeth for some reason as well as to give them an aesthetic appearance.

Teeth and bone loss occur in general when the periodontal diseases are not treated.

The dental health which is lost in this way is corrected with dentures. The lips, cheek supports, speaking and chewing functions as well as the aesthetic appearance lost in this way are regained. Individuals who had to live with missing or damaged teeth and who have forgotten to smile are supported psychologically in this way. The life quality of the patient is increased with dentures.


Fixed Dentures:

Bonded dentures like crown-bridges which the patient cannot remove on his own

Removable Dentures:

Dentures which the patient can remove whenever desired

Total Dentures:

Applied to the mouth which have all its teeth missing

Partial Dentures:

Applied to the mouth which has certain teeth missing. The teeth are fixed with nails and hooks.

Precision Attachment Dentures:

Applied to the mouth which have certain teeth missing. They are aesthetic dentures which do not have hooks or other apparatuses seen from outside.

Dentures over Implant

Fixed: Bridges and crowns done by being supported on the implants

Removable: Dentures like total dentures which are done by being supported on the implants in the mouths which do not have enough bone support.