Points If you are suitable for Lasik

Points to follow if you are eligible for Excimer Laser

In particular Excimer Laser Treatment performed with LASIK method lasts a short time and is a popular method since it is possible for patients to get back to their normal lives on the following day.

The following are recommended before the Laser Treatment:

Not to wear eye make-up,

Not to wear perfume,

Avoid taking anticoagulants to ensure the success of Laser Treatment.

Warnings to consider following Laser Treatment:

Burning, stinging or watering of eyes may be observed for 4-5 hours following laser treatment.

The protective glasses given to you after the Laser treatment in our center will help reduce your complaints of burning, stinging and watering by reducing your sensitivity to light.

It is important that you use the drops given to you after the laser treatment according to the detailed prescriptions.

It is recommended to use any painkillers other than aspirin following laser treatment.

It is recommended to avoid rubbing or scratching your eyes for up to 1 week after laser treatment.

Face washing and taking a shower are allowed on the following day after the laser treatment provided that soap does not come into the eye during the first days.

Driving, watching TV, and dusty environments are not recommended on the same day after laser treatment.


The control examination performed on the next day after the Excimer Laser Treatment is of great importance; it gives opportunity to wash under the flap in case of creased flap and sub-flap reactions.

It is recommended to use artificial tears for 3 to 6 months after the Excimer Laser Treatment.