Periodically routine eye examinations are actual an eye check-up. Please find the steps of an correct performed ye examination below:

  1. The examination should start with the measurement of acuity of vision. This measurement determines wheter the patient has any refractive vision defect and/or if the patient would need glasses.
  2. With the same device eye pressure is meassured and evaluated on a later stage.
  3. Than the lids, eyelash bottoms, conjunctiva, cornea, iris, pupil and lens are examined with a biomicroscope.
  4. The eye pressure is evaluated.
  5. This stage; commonly known as eyeground examination; is the ocular fundus examination. The head of the optical nerve, the retina and its blood vessels, the macula and the peripheral retina gets observed and controlled.

To be able to see potential risks and diagnose and treat potential eye diseases with an routine eye examination, a periodically planned and carried out eye examination is important for healthy life.

Since 2005 TALYA MEDICAL CENTRE offers with its ophtamology polyclinic early diagnosis and treatment possibilities after an detailed eye examination. Of course, we recommend for your own eye health a detailed eye examination at least once a year. In particular, our recommendation for diabetic and hypertension patients is to have an eye examination every 6 months.