The ovarian cysts or ovarian cysts are caused by changes in the hormones in the body.

The cysts are actually a blister (fluid) filled with fluid on the ovary, and can grow to over 15 inches in diameter. The cause may be from hormone fluctuations or side effects of hormone therapy.

The often functional cysts are:

Corpus luteum cysts
Polycystic ovaries
Another, independent disease of ovarian cysts, called endometriosis, (the disease of the uterine lining) is considered dermoid cysts. It affects younger women and is mostly innate.

The monthly cycle is usually disturbed and can sometimes form irregularities. Some women even suffer from severe pain in menstruation, usually in the abdomen also leading pain in the back.

The diagnosis is very easy to determine. With detailed ultrasound examination at Talya Medical Center, our gynecologist Dr. Ing. Mehmet Abay would like to inform you.