Female genital cosmetic surgery

“Antalya Female genital cosmetic surgery” is a broad term that comprises numerous procedures, including labiaplasty, clitoral hood reduction, hymenoplasty, labia majora augmentation, vaginoplasty, and G-spot amplification.


Labiaplasty includes a number of operations designed to decrease the size and degree of protruberance of the labia minora, or 'inner lips' of the vagina. The most common reason for women to request this operation is because the labia are perceived to be too large and aesthetically un-pleasing. What are the reasons for wanting a labiaplasty? Medical and physical reasons

To reduce the size of labia minora so it doesn’t protrude beyond the edges of the labia majora. Excess labial tissue can twist, turn, or get pinched or tugged, and cause physical discomfort and irritation during exercise, physical activities (such as bike riding or jogging) and intercourse.

  • To improve hygiene and health since excess tissue can make cleansing more difficult and can harbor bacteria that can lead to the development of urinary tract infections.
  • Cosmetic and emotional reasons
  • To restore a more youthful look after childbirth or aging.
  • To reduce asymmetry (uneven shape) of the labia minora or labia majora when one side is longer or shaped differently than the other.
  • To increase self-confidence and eliminate the visual lines, bulges or “camel toe” appearance when wearing body-conforming pants or leggings. Tight-fitting clothing can also cause physical discomfort if there’s excess labia tissue.
  • To improve comfort, confidence and sexual well-being about the appearance of your genitalia during intimate contact.


Vaginal tightening operations are requested by some women who feel that their vagina has become lax following childbirth, or with age. As a consequence, they claim that sex is less satisfying for them or their partner. The procedure may be as simple as placing sutures at the introitus (vaginal opening), or may involve excising excess vaginal mucosa together with tightening the muscles of the posterior vaginal wall.

What is a G-shot?

The G-shot is a cosmetic procedure to enhance sensitivity of the Grafenberg spot for increased sexual sensitivity and sexual pleasure. Hyaluronic acid based injections are used to increase the sensitivity of the vaginal wall at the G-spot leading to easier vaginal orgasms and more intense orgasms. G-spot amplification may be used in conjunction with other vaginal rejuvenation procedures or erogenous zone injections (like an O-shot for the clitoris) for improvements in sexual activity experiences.

What cosmetic concerns does a G-shot procedure treat?

Female Sexual Wellness: Injections of hyaluronic acid into the G-spot stimulate blood flow and new tissue growth to enhance sensitivity.

Mommy Makeover: A g-shot can help women experiencing changes in sexual function and experience following a pregnancy. Who is the ideal candidate for a G-shot procedure? The ideal candidate for a G-shot procedure is a woman experiencing difficulty achieving climax. A G-shot is not recommended for those seeking treatment for certain sexual dysfunctions like dyspareunia or low libido.

What is a O-shot ? O-Shot is a treatment for “Orgasm” that uses the patient’s Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) taken from their blood and then injected directly into the clitoris and inside the vagina. The PRP stimulates stem cells to increase blood flow and encourage healthy tissue growth. The treatment is repeated annually for optimal results.

  • Expected O-Shot Results
  • More natural lubrication
  • Enhanced ability to have a vaginal orgasm
  • Increased sensation
  • Increased arousal
  • Youthful appearance of the vulva
  • Improvement of urinary incontinence

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