Baby skin with youth injection...

Most of the cosmetic applications focus on the face; however, one of the regions which show our age is our hands. Our hands lose their tightness and vivacity in time.

"Youth injection" which contains pure hyaluronic acid may be used as a solution to rejuvenate the skin on the face, neck and the hands and enable us to have baby skin.

With the depletion of the hyaluronic acid on the skin with age, the skin looses the qualities which give it vivacity, brightness, tightness, moisture and color. Hyaluronic acid is found in babies most. Therefore, it is possible to have the skin of a baby with the youth injection.

In this method, on the 15th and 21st days following its first application, the second and third doses are given respectively and at the end of the 6th month, the injection has to be repeated. At the end of the 6th month the skin completely turnes back to its previous state and continues to look healthy. However, it would be good to repeat it to guarantee its effect by consulting your doctor.