Cosmetic Fillings

Cosmetic Filling

The collagen which ensures that the skin looks tight and the hyaluronic acid substances which preserves the moisture of the skin diminish with age in general, causing wrinkles and slackening on the skin.

">Fillings are applied to slackened and wrinkled skins to give the skin a better appearance or to make it return back to its previous appearance through natural substances. Substances used for fillings can be found naturally in the skin.

Cosmetic Filling Substances

In the last years, hyaluronic acid products are used. Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide having the structure of invert sugar. It is to found in all living beings. It enables the lubricity of joints and keeps the skin moisturized and tight. Hylauronic acid can hold an amount of water thousand times larger in volume than its own and can preserve its shape in the region it is placed for long time. Therefore it preserves its quality to be the most ideal and preferred filling substance.

Since this acid is found in the skin and its deficiency causes wrinkles and slackening, it is accepted by the skin and does not require testing beforehand. As a degradable substance, hyaluronic acid leaves the body without any side effect and does not leave any negative effect behind. Besides the hyaluronic acid, the fatty tissue of one's own is also a substance used as filling substance. In this operation called lipoinjection, the fatty tissue taken from a designated region is processed and turned into a filling substance and then applied to the desird place.

To which places is it applied ?

  • Dermal tissues can be applied to everywhere in which a young and lively appreance is desired.
  • Deep forehead lines
  • Fine wrinkles over the lip (perioral wrinkles)
  • Deep wrinkles between eyebrows
  • Deep traces of pimples and wounds
  • Lip shaping and saturation
  • Nasolabial lines (coming from the nose towards the sides of the lips)
  • Lines going down the lips (marionette lines)
  • Cheekbone, cheek and jaw
  • Neck, low-neck lines
  • For hand care

Where are the cosmetic fillings are used ?

Filling substances for aesthetic purposes are mostly used for face and neck. Hands, mouth, eye contours, forehead and the neck are the regions which reveal the effects of time. To make up for these age related effects, fillings can be done as of the age of 30. In cases of structural defects and accidents, fillings can be applied as of the age of 20.

Fillings are used to smooth out the wrinkles about the nose, the slackening about the mouth and the collapse of cheekbones as well.

Filling substances can be applied to the other regions of the body besides the face and the neck. It is mostly used to plump the breasts and the hips. Regional collapses which occur due to accidents, liposuction or for other reasons can be treated with filling as well. For the fillings on the body, hyaluronic acid products or the fatty tissue of one's own are used as it is the case for the face as well.

Application of the Filling

How is it applied ?

The filling substance existing as already prepared in the injector can be practically applied to the region in a short time of about 15-30 minutes.

It is necessary to wait for 20 minutes after the application of the anesthetic cream to the region. After the application, no considerable pain or ache is felt and the person may return to his/her social life right off. The effect of the application can be seen immediately.

How frequently needs the application be done?

The filling is completed when the application is done two times with one week interval. You can return to your daily life after the application.

How long does its effect continue?

Depending on the kind of the filling and the dermal structure of the person, its effect in the region might range between 6-18 months. If the applications are done regularly and in line with the need of the person, the need for filling might decrease.

Is there any side-effects?

There is no need for testing since the fillings with hyaluronic acid have no risk of causing allergy. Rushes or mild bruising might be seen sometimes in the injection region. These would go away in a couple of days.

Though not seen frequently, there might appear swelling and oedema in the region, which would go away in 3-4 days.

Who are not suitable for the filling?

Those who use asprin or smiliar medicines regulary are advised to discontinue their medication 1 week before the filling application. These kinds of blood thinner medicines cause bruising in the filling region. In addition, those who have systemic diseases such as diabetes, anemia or high blood pressure have to consult their doctors for the use of their medication.