Cataract is a word meaning ''waterfall'' , which was earlier coagulated liqued in the eye, and formed as a gray layer itself.

Cataract is the blurring (turbidity) of the clear lens of the eye and is currently loss of transparency of the eye lens and vision gets disorder by time. There are two types of the cataract surgery:

Phaco and Extracapsular surgery. TALYA MEDICAL CENTER uses only Phaco laser system.

We use also the best Quality of lenses which are approved by FDA

Monofocal lens: Monofocal lens is the standart used in cataract surgery. In contrast the monofocal lens to multıfocal lens , monofocal lens is suitable for only distance.

Multifocal lens: Multifocal lens is different than monofocal lens. It treats both close and far distance at the same time and allows also a durable sharp distance for near and far.

Which lens type is suitable for your eye will be decided in the consultation and you will be informed by our specialist Op.Dr. Mehtap Abay at TALYA MEDICAL CENTER