Talya Medical Center About Us

Talya Medical Center is located in the Konyaaltı area in the city of Antalya. In the year 2005 Dr. Mehtap Abay who is an ophthalmologist and Dr. Mehmet Abay who is a gynecologist started with "Talya Eye" as a specialized center for Excimer Laser and general Eye surgery.We are in the business of helping people look and feel their best.

We have incorporated the latest technologies to enhance your results with the minimal side effects and we recognize the importance of identifying your personal aesthetic needs. Besides our ophthalmology department also our denistry, Esthetics and Plastic Surgery utilize the latest technologies and modalities to provide comfortable non-invasive treatments in a safe and professional environment.Talya Medical Center is committed to providing a high level of expertise when giving treatments. This is accomplished through a high standard of integrity, striving for patient satisfaction.