The latest and 3rd Generation in Excimer Laser technology is the ReLEx-SMILE method.

While there is no treatment chance in high eye-glasses numbers for dry eyes even in Femtolasik method, this type of patients also have the chance to be treated by SMILE method now.

The expansion of SMILE term is Small Incision Lenticular Extraction, in other words small incision lenticular laser.

While cornea surface is trimmed by Excimer laser and ablation treatment is performed; instead of tissue ablation as much as refractive error, that much tissue is removed in lenticular way in SMILE treatment.


Smile technique is only based on removing a small tissue out of the cornea from a 2-3 mm space according to the visual disorder degree of the person without making an incision and forming a flap in the cornea. (As may be seen above.)

In Smile method, treatment made without making an incision and forming a flap in the cornea is a very important development especially in high eye-glasses number treatments and especially dry eyes in order to protect the cornea roof.

Smile technique provides that eyes do not get dry and sense of pain does not occur during and after the application due to the facts that minimal damage occurs in the cornea, no damage occurs in biomechanical structure of cornea as there is no wide incision in cornea, eye nerves contributing to the formation of tears are protected.

Achievements such that original slope of cornea is not destroyed especially in high eye-glasses numbers and cornea roof does not get weak are very positive developments in terms of Smile method for the patients, who are not appropriate for the current laser treatment we have.

ReLEx Smile technology is a minimal traumatic laser method.
ReLEx Smile technology is performed in one step and by single Visumax Femtosecond Second Laser.

Since Smile Lasik method is applied with femtosecond laser, eye-glasses number return ''regression'' possibility is scarcely any compared to other methods.

Smile Lasik method is applied in myopic people up to number 10 and myopic astigmatic people up to number 5.

Smile Lasik method demonstrates more convenience for thin corneas. It results in recovery and outcomes close to natural in short period of time.

It is a preferable method in terms of people, who do heavy sports and have occupational groups, which may be exposed to mechanical impacts, such as policemen and soldiers etc. since biomechanical structure of cornea is protected and there is no flap.
Sports may be done in 72 hours.

All developments provided by technology, needless to say, are reflected on the devices in health area to the same degree.

Patient group selected by laser convenience examination performed by a doctor is always satisfied with the results.

ReLEx Smile technology is only performed in Talya Medical Center in the Mediterranean Region and Antalya. Knife technology, in other words keratome is not used in our center since 2010.