Breast Augmentation

Breast is special for women. Breast is supported by the skin which functions as a natural bra and many women has small breasts genetically. Loss of tightness on the breast is caused mostly by stress, loss of weight and the shrinking and hollowing out of the breast tissue after breast feeding. Every woman wants a larger and tighter breast.

Breast augmentation operation:

The breasts are augmented through silicon prostheses placed below the breast tissue. If there is slackening on the breasts besides the smallness of the breasts, mastopexy operation is done as well. The kind of silicon to be used depends on the preference of the doctor. In breast augmentation operation, silicon prostheses can be applied through the inframammary folds, nipples or cuts through the armpits depending on the preference of the doctor. Breast prostheses can be used for long years.

Breast augmentation operations are done under general anesthesia and requires a hospitlalization duration of about 2 or 3 days. Implants placed on the breast have life long guarantee. After the operation, uplift bras have to be used for 4-6 weeks.

Post Surgery Warnings:

  • You are advised not to go to work for 2 weeks at least,
  • Your should avoid using your arm muscles for 4-6 weeks at least,
  • You should avoid the sun for about 3 months,
  • You need to avoid asprin and blood thinner medicines for about 1, 5 month.

In conclusion:

Full recovery is ensured after 2 months.

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