Lasik Eligibility Tests


Tests performed:

  • Detailed corneal topography map by Topolaser and Pentacam tests
  • Measurement of corneal thickness by pachymetry
  • Measurement of eye pupil diameter by pupilometry
  • Measurement of amount and quality of tears by Schirmer and BUT tests.
  • Determination of refractive error by auto kerato-refractometer
  • Measurement of ocular tension
  • Subjective refractive error and contrast sensitivity test detected by your doctor following examination
  • Eye examination with drops
  • Determination of cycloplegic refraction
  • Detailed retinal examination.

You will be informed by your doctor about the methods you are eligible for as a result of the abovementioned tests. Your doctor will determine the methods depending on the status of your eye and your corneal structure, and direct you in the most accurate way according to your age, job, and expectations.