Breast Reduction

Besides the aesthetic and physical deformities caused by large breasts, they cause pain in the neck, on the back and on the shoulders and cause deformities in the normal stance of the back and spinal curvature, as well as infections such as inframmamary rashes and mycetes and lead to the markings of bra straps.

Who can be operated?

People whose breasts are fully developed and have problems with their size can undergo that operation. In some special cases, the surger might have to remove some of the mammary glands and in that case milk secretion after birth will somewhat decrease.

Some women feel themselves overweight since they cannot wear the cloths they want due to the largeness of their breasts even though they are not overweight. For this reason, there are women who demand breast reduction operation. Breast reduction operations give physical relief to the person and therefore they are functional, rather than aesthetic operations. .

The rashes about the sutures caused by the breast reduction operation turn white in time and become less visible.According to our clinical observation, the person is not disturbed by the traces of these sutures thanks to the physical relief gained after having breasts in desired sizes.

Breast reduction operations are done under general anesthesia. They require a hospitalization duration of about 2-3 days. Uplift bras have to be used for about 8-10 weeks.

Post Surgery Warnings:

  • You should not go to work for 2-3 weeks at least,
  • You are advised not to do sports or engage in physical activities for 1-1,5 week.
  • You should avoid the sun for about 3 months.

In conclusion:

Recovery can be observed approximately after 4 months.